«Transition» - the Virtual Museum

Анимация, Инсталляция, Интерактив


A unique project is dedicated to the Soviet fine arts of the 1980s. It was a period of Perestroika, uncertainty and endless expectations. We reanimated pictures, drew interfaces, encoded and tightened up on everybody (with particular love) – not so much to show a collection of 80 pictures as to render the zeitgeist. The Iron Curtain had fallen and some freedom had appeared, but it was hard to comprehend what we were supposed to do about that freedom…

The project was prepared for the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts and exhibited within the main exposition. Certain equipment was prepared, within the existing budget, including a 27-inch 3D touch screen, a projector and a screen for group viewing. A Unity engine was used for encoding.

The “Transition” virtual museum is presented at the permanent exhibition in the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts at No. 11 Vaynera Str – WELCOME! And thank all you guys so much!


Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts


Paul Pogudin


Ivan Vtoryh

technical director

Irina Riznychok

project lead

Olga Chernova, Paul Pogudin


Natalia Fatih


Natalia Bublik


Nikita Zhulanov


Viktor Kovrizhnykh

wonderful music



  • Project presentation

  • The space and the interface of the “Transition” Virtual Museum is a quest game where the user examines several workshop rooms and sees the pictures by the authors. The project includes about a dozen pictures with detailed descriptions, biographies of the artists and glossaries. For us, it has been a very exciting project as both the topic and visual material used have given us more food for thought.

  • The rooms and objects, space and animation elements of the game have been hand-made as the zeitgeist required. It was a challenge to find the facet of the artistic solution that let the picture be quite authentic while remaining easy to understand.