Ancient movie

Animation, Video


Ancient Cinema is a working title of the opening video for the Russian Festival of Anthropology Film in Yekaterinburg. A primeval hunter catches its prey but suddenly realizes he is chasing something bigger. The pictures are styled as petroglyphs which was an exciting experience to combine the realistic texture and a very conventional animation.

This video has won several prizes at international festivals and is also a winner of the Autodesk Innovation Awards Russia 2014 contest.


«Autodesk Innovation Awards Russia 2014» — Top prize in the Animation, Visualisation and Video Effects nomination, Russia, 2014

National Advertising Festival «Idea!» — short-listed in the Craftmanship in Video Commercials Production nomination, Russia, 2014

National Advertising Festival «Idea!» —  shor-tlisted in the category «Animation Short Film nomination», Russia, 2014

Festival of advertising and marketing services «Silver Mercury» — shor-tlisted in the category «Best Project for indoor areas except instore», Russia, 2014

Festival of advertising and marketing services «Silver Mercury» — Two entries in the short list in the «Best digital campaign», Russia, 2014


Russian Anthropological Film Festival

Our team:

Paul Pogudin


Ivan Vtoryh



  • As we worked we had produced a lot of text that did not enter the film. The textures hard to perceive slowed down the dynamics. So as to compensate that effect we had to resort to the Point-of-View camera.

  • It had taken us much less time to produce one of the first takes of the video. Although this take is much simpler it has a charm of its own.