Video production

Animation is our passion. We are fond of all the animation techniques there are and their combinations in particular, ranging from classical hand-drawn animation, to up-to-date infographics and motion design, so popular nowadays. Combining the stop motion, cutout animation, 2D and 3D animations helps us find a fresh picture. Our decade-long experience and our particular individual approach let us uphold high standards when creating animation films and commercials.


The value of the information, along with its contents, depends on a way it is presented to the viewer. Successful combination of artistic and technical concepts help us find remarkable solutions. Using advanced technology of augmented reality and 3D mapping, intertwined with superb visual performance helps us go beyond the usual framework in our working out virtual museums, interactive exhibitions and advertisement campaigns.

Ambient media

In the current oversaturated information flow, it is getting ever more difficult to retain the attention of a viewer. One feels like getting loose of the general white noise and find new and relevant words. By combining, in due proportions, artistic creation and scientific methods, along with a proper engineering idea, we are trying to avoid clichés and breathe in a narrative into the report and find a proper time and place, thus enabling it be authentic. This makes it possible to reach a whole new level of commercial ad impact.


About us
Svetly Story studio is an artistic association of artists and engineers from Yekaterinburg. We are able to solve challenging artistic and technical tasks. Our studio has been engaged in animation for over ten years and we have gained considerable skills in creating animation projects of high level. The production studio creates commercials and film projects of any complexity and offers a whole range of animation and post-production services, including editing, composing, music scores, computer graphics, 2D and 3D animation, motion design and special effects.
Contact info
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